Android Attendance System

 Attendance application made specially to keep a track on the daily day to day basis attendance.

Having issues managing attendance? vAttendance provides the best of Cloud and Android to deliver an attendance system like none other. With a powerful Android application integrated with cloud, it offers a simple, robust and low cost alternative to manage attendance. No more bio-metric or RFID nightmares, this works right out of your phone!

Android Attendance System
Android Application
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Cloud Based

Some of the features of vAttendance include

  • Cloud Based Attendance Portal

Designed & Deployed for cutting edge Cloud Computing Platform ensuring you 100% uptime guarantee & security.

  • Information Delivered, Real Time

Get instant access to all your attendance data. You will be surprised how much you have been missing!

  • Integrated Reporting Module

Get customized reports that work for you. Export options available for a variety of formats including Excel & PDF.

  • Android Driven

vAttendance is powered by a feature rich Android Application. Take your attendance with you, wherever you go.

  • Zero Paperwork

Do away with complex paperwork and complicated data integration. Go digital, go green!

  • Multi-Role Users

Simple role based access to information. vAttendance provides separate logins for Teacher, Parent, Student & Administrators.

  • SMS/Email Notifications

vAttendance provides a flexible notification system that allows you to send attendance updates via SMS/Email.

  • No Extra Hardware Required

vAttendance requires only a working internet connection. There are NO SETUP Expenses! Just configure your data and you are ready!